How many inventions did Benjamin Banneker invent?

Answer There are many legends recounting the intellectual feats of African-American scholar and scientist Benjamin Banneker, but Banneker did not invent anything during his lifetime. His accomplishments, ... Read More »

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How many inventions did Benjamin Franklin invent?

Benjamin Franklin didn't patent his inventions, so we can't definitively list them. Nonetheless, he designed at least nine inventions--an arm extension, bifocals, the catheter, the Franklin stove, ... Read More »

What year did Benjamin Banneker invent the clock?

Benjamin Banneker built the first clock in the New World in 1753. The clock was made entirely of wood and kept perfect time for 40 years. Banneker was inspired by a pocket watch he had received as ... Read More »

Who was Benjamin Banneker?

Benjamin Banneker was an 18th century African-American scientist, author and mathematician. Banneker published several almanacs and helped disprove Thomas Jefferson's notion that black people were ... Read More »

How did the scientist Benjamin Banneker die?

Benjamin Banneker, a mathematician and astronomer, died on October 9, 1806 after going for a walk with his friends. He said he felt ill and went home to rest, dying later that day, according to The... Read More »