How many instruments make a full orchestra?

Answer The number of instruments in an orchestra depends on the size. On average, there are around 90 instruments in a full orchestra. There are roughly 62 strings, 15 woodwinds, 14 brass players and 5 pe... Read More »

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What Instruments Are Used in an Orchestra?

An orchestra is made up of a wide variety of instruments. Some are used consistently and are standard in the ensemble. Others, such as the piano, harp and various percussion instruments, are used s... Read More »

Main Orchestra Instruments?

There is no set number of instruments in an orchestra. Each instrument makes a specific contribution to the orchestra, and thus is equally important. However, every orchestra is divided into four s... Read More »

How many string instruments are in an orchestra?

There is no set number of stringed instruments in an orchestra. The number of musicians playing stringed instruments in an orchestra will depend on which musical composition is being performed.Sour... Read More »

Kids' Orchestra Instruments?

Most musicians who play in symphony orchestras started learning their instruments at a young age. The Children's Music Workshop recommends starting music classes that involve rhythm instruments and... Read More »