How to Get Rid of Insects in My Car?

Answer Depending on your location, various types on insects can find their way into your car. Hot weather drives spiders into cars and homes to escape the heat. A single flea from your neighbor's dog can ... Read More »

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Elm Insects?

Many gardeners grow elm trees as ornamental yard additions, and people also use the trees for their wood. They tolerate a wide range of soils and varying environmental conditions, but they also, un... Read More »

Insects That Eat Basil?

Insects that eat basil may vary depending on location. Some insects do not specify diets and may eat basil as well as other garden plants. The most notable basil pests include aphids, leafminers, p... Read More »

Are crustaceans insects?

Crustaceans are not insects. Crustaceans belong to the scientific subphylum Crustacea. Insects belong to the subphylum Hexapoda. One difference between the two is the method of breathing. Crustacea... Read More »

Are silkworms insects?

Despite the name, silkworms are insects, not worms. The "worm" is actually a caterpillar, which builds the cocoons from which silk comes. The caterpillar emerges from the cocoon as a small white mo... Read More »