How many innings are there in a Little League baseball game?

Answer Little League baseball games consist of six innings. A game is considered official after four innings, or three and a half innings if the home team is winning after the top of the third. Extra inni... Read More »

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A tied ball game goes into how many innings?

A baseball game that is tied after the ninth inning will go to extra innings. Extra innings will continue until one team is leading at the end of an inning. Only the umpire has the power to suspend... Read More »

How many balls are used during a baseball game?

According to Major League Baseball, five to six dozen baseballs are used in an average game. When you extrapolate that figure for a full season, it amounts to roughly 160,000 balls.Source:Seattle P... Read More »

How many innings are in the college world series?

Games in the College World Series are nine innings long. The exception is if a game is tied at the end of regulation play; if this happens, play continues until a team is leading at the end of a fu... Read More »

How to Enjoy a Baseball Game when You Don't Like Baseball?

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas is one of many potential places to see a baseball game.Consider this: Your friends bought tickets to a Mets game for the whole group. You don't want to miss an ... Read More »