How many infants can a MN family day care provider with two...?

Answer Depends on the license. You could have 5 providers and still only be able to take the same as someone with 1 provider Mine's a C-2 because I'm teacher-qualified, but I can take only 1 infant (you... Read More »

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Signs & Symptoms of Family Care Provider Stress?

Stress is the normal response by the body to activity. When you laugh, work, exercise, eat, cry, get angry and rustrated, all activity to the body is considered stress. Caring for an aging or ill f... Read More »

What Is the Health Care Provider's Responsibility in Managed Care?

The responsibility of the health-care provider within a managed-care organization is to provide high-quality service, control costs and ensure that all care is medically necessary.

How to Care for Infants?

Infants are small, helpless, and needful newborns and need their parents or caregivers to take care of them.They need a lot of attention. Sometimes, providing that care as a new parent or caregiver... Read More »

What is a care provider?

Care providers are those whose job, either professionally or personally, is to manage the care of someone else. Often this is achieved through health care or caring for elderly individuals in long ... Read More »