How many inches long is the iPad 2?

Answer The iPad2 measures approximately 71/2 inches by 91/2 inches.

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How many inches long and wide is an ipad 2?

How many inches long and wide is the iPad 2

My hair is now 3 inches long, how long will it take me to grow it to 5 inches?

In average, hair grows about 1 centimeter a month, 2 inches is 5 cm, so yeah, here you go. Approximately 5 more months, but it all depends on your own organism.

How much inches is the iPad 2?

Well technically speaking the iPhone 4s is obviously a phone with the characteristics of a phone so you would buy it if you need a phone. The iPad 2 is also useful because of a large screen and I u... Read More »

Is the ipad 2 10.0 inches?

Its really not, the only difference is the iPad 2 is bigger. The iPod you can carry around every where but not with the iPad.