How many inches is the sceen on iphone 4?

Answer For the iPod Touch 4: If the ipod touch's owner has the iphone owner's number, they can add it to 'contacts' and press 'facetime' and it should work. If the iphone owner has the ipod touch owner's ... Read More »

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How big is an iPhone 4S touch sceen?

Same size as the iPhone 4's (9 cm aka. 3.5 inches)

My iPhone is stuck on my message screen no matter what I click it can't move past this sceen what should I do?

If you can, remove the battery. Then replace it back in. This will reset the phone to factory settings.

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How many inches is the iPhone 4S?

the iPhone models will work mostly anywhere in any country. However, by buying a handset in a different company and it has been registered there and it's on another country's network, then you will... Read More »