How many inches in 1.83 meter?

Answer There are 72.0472 inches in 1.83 meters. one inch equals .0254 meters and 1 meter equals 39.37 inches. The answer can be found by multiplying inches in a meter (39.37) by total meters (1.83). So, 3... Read More »

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How many inches are in 1 meter?

A meter has approximately 39.37 inches in it. Some other useful metric conversions are: a mile is approximately 1.6 kilometers, a yard is approximately 0.91 meters and a foot is approximately 0.3 m... Read More »

How many inches are in a meter stick?

There are 39.3700787 inches in a meter. Since most meter sticks show only metric measurements, the conversion is not there. However, usually the inch side will end early (often at 35 inches), so as... Read More »

One meter is equal to how many inches?

Most U.S. residents, excepting many of those in the medical, engineering and scientific fields, use a measurement system that was once used by the United Kingdom. Much of the rest of the world uses... Read More »

How many inches is a meter stick?

A meterstick is a measuring tool similar in appearance to a yard stick that is one meter long. One meter is the equivalent of 3.28 feet or approximately 39.4 inches.References:Merriam-Webster: Mete... Read More »