What planet is 82 light years from Earth?

Answer Andal, the Andalite homeworld. Planets that far away, though they probably exist are not known and cannot therefore have any names except in fiction.

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Ten Facts About the Planet Pluto?

Tiny, icy Pluto was long regarded as our solar system's ninth, most-distant planet. However, in recent years, scientists across the globe have changed their opinion of the rocky little body: Pluto ... Read More »

What is the distance between Earth and Pluto?

Pluto can be as close as 28 astronomical units, or approximately 2.6 billion miles, from Earth, when the ninth planet reaches its closest point to the sun, according to Universe Today. When it is a... Read More »

How long does it takes Earth to orbit Pluto?

Earth orbits the sun, not Pluto. Moreover, it would be impossible for Pluto to exert any gravitational pull on Earth. Gravity is a function of mass, and because Pluto has less than .24 percent of E... Read More »