How many inches can the tusks of an elephant grow?

Answer The tusks of an elephant will keep growing throughout its adult life, so they may reach several feet in length for an older animal. The tusks, which basically are teeth, typically grow about 5.9 in... Read More »

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What Are Elephant Tusks Used for?

Elephant tusks can grow to up to 10 feet long, although it is rare to see an elephant with such long tusks. Technically elongated incisors, tusks are used as an aid in eating, resting and fighting... Read More »

Laws for Ivory Elephant Tusks?

Elephants have been hunted for both sport and their tusks for hundreds of years. Although ivory in tusks can be found in a variety of animals, elephant ivory is the most prized. Because of the larg... Read More »

Are the front teeth of an elephant called tusks?

An elephant's tusks are its incisor teeth, which are front teeth. Both male and female African elephants have tusks, while only male Asian elephants have them. Elephants use their tusks for self-de... Read More »

How to Grow Elephant Ear Plants?

Growing showy, tropical "Elephant Ear" (Colocasia) plants is possible even in cold weather zones. These plants make a great showing as a backdrop or a center of interest in any garden. If temperatu... Read More »