How many inches are on an average tape measure?

Answer The average tape measure created for home and sewing use measures items up to 60 inches, or five feet; however, for more specialized vocations (such as carpenters and surveyors), tape measures can ... Read More »

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How many inches shorter than the average man is the average woman?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average American woman is 5.6 inches shorter than the average American man. Average height for men 20 years and older is 69.4 inches... Read More »

How many inches long is the average man's foot?

A 2007 study published by the "Internet Journal of Forensic Science" studied the foot lengths of 125 healthy males with fully grown feet. The study concluded that the average right foot length for ... Read More »

How many inches will a average bamboo plant grow in one day?

The average bamboo plant's growth rates vary according to the bamboo's species and growing environment. Most bamboo plants grow 1 inch or less per day, though the Phyllostachys bambusoides species ... Read More »

How Many Inches Will the Average Bamboo Plant Grow in One Day?

The average bamboo plant grows about 12 to 19 inches per day, making it the fastest-growing plant on Earth. Under optimal conditions, the bamboo plant can grow up to 46 inches a day.Source: http:/... Read More »