How many iPods have been sold since 2006?

Answer As of February 2010, nearly 150 million iPods have sold since 2006. According to Apple's quarterly reports, the company has sold nearly 50 million iPods each year since 2006. Apple has expanded its... Read More »

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How many iPods have been sold to date?

During the January 2010 launch of the new iPad line, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple had sold a landmark 250 million iPods since the release of the original iPod in 2001.Source:Apple Spec... Read More »

How many Barbies have been sold since 1959?

Since the mom of "Barbie," Ruth Handler, created her (based on her daughter Barbara) in 1959, more than 1 billion have been sold. In fact, if all the Barbies sold were placed side by side, the Eart... Read More »

How many iPhones 4S have been sold worldwide since that model was launched?

How many Bibles have been sold?

According to the Bible Society, 2,458,000,000 Bibles were printed between 1816 and 1975. A later survey reaching into the 1990s found the number had risen to about 6 billion. That does not include ... Read More »