How many hours should a carpet installation take?

Answer On One Hand: Factor in the SpaceIt is wise not to rush a carpet installation. There are many factors that go into a properly installed carpet, including proper tools, accurate measurements, craftsm... Read More »

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Are carpet tiles cheaper than carpet installation?

Carpet tiles can be less expensive than laying wall-to-wall carpet because professional installation is not necessary. However, they also can be more expensive over time because of repair and repla... Read More »

Truck Carpet Installation?

Trucks are often used for heavy-duty work or play. From work boots and mud to hiking boots a dirt, the floor of a truck can become extremely worn and dirty. In many cases, the carpet of a truck dev... Read More »

Motorhome Carpet Installation?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the look of a motorhome is by laying down a fresh layer of carpeting. Installing a carpet in your motorhome without help from a professional will sav... Read More »

What to do if wrinkles appear in a carpet before installation?

If wrinkles appear in your carpet before installation, they might remain after installation unless you take steps to smooth them out ahead of time. Wrinkles can be removed in uninstalled carpet by ... Read More »