How many hours of train travel from Kiev to Lugansk?

Answer According to the Ukraine Tours' Kiev, Ukraine Train Schedule, it takes 15 to 17 hours to travel from Kiev to Lugansk by train. Trains travel between Kiev and Lugansk (can also be spelled as Luhansk... Read More »

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How to Travel in Kiev?

Ukraine remains an unexplored country to most of tourists despite its wonderful offerings. This is due to their relatively recent emergence from the Soviet empire. Kiev is the capitol of Ukraine.

A train travels at 75 miles per hour. if it travels for 2.5 hours, how far does it travel?

In one hour, this train travels 75 miles.In 2 hours, it can travel twice that, which is 150 miles.And in half and hour, it travels half of 75 miles, which is 37.5 miles.Add it up, it's 150 plus 37.... Read More »

Is it possible to travel to any city in the u.k by train from any train station in the u.k?

If you mean without changing trains - no.Otherwise, you can certainly buy a ticket from any station in Great Britain to any other station in Great Britain, and I think you can buy train tickets bet... Read More »

Freight train A goes from Charleyville to Dogpatch at 40 miles per hour. Freight train B takes 2 hours longer?

Any hogger worth his salt will always take 2 hours longer. That's why the fairer sex has always been so enamored with our efforts, in addition to tidy paychecks, sometimes the majority of which ar... Read More »