How many hours of sunlight does a vegetable garden need?

Answer When planting a vegetable garden, plant where the vegetables can get plenty of sunlight. Most vegetables need at least six hours of sunlight; however, some vegetables--such as lettuce, radishes, sp... Read More »

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How many hours a day does a vegetable garden need sun?

Growing a successful vegetable garden requires a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight every day. The ideal amount of sunlight for a bountiful harvest is eight to 10 hours daily.References:Nort... Read More »

How many hours of sunlight does a jalepeno need?

Jalapeno pepper plants require approximately six to eight hours of sunlight per day. The seeds should be planted directly into the ground at about two feet apart. Frequent watering is necessary. Th... Read More »

How many hours of sunlight does the North Pole get in a single day?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the North Pole can get anywhere from zero to 24 hours of sunlight per day, depending on the time of year. During winter, there is n... Read More »

I want to start a vegetable garden, but my yard gets very little sunlight?

what ever plant you choose maybe growing in containers would help,as you can move them( not daily ) as the sunny area in yard changes over the weeks and season.I have to grow in containers because... Read More »