How many hours of education does it take to become a doctor?

Answer It requires a lot of educational hours to become a doctor. First, you must have a degree in premed from a college or university, which is about 121 semester hours. Then you must go to a medical sch... Read More »

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What are the hours a doctor works?

it usually depends on what kind of doctor, and what times you are on call and stuff

I think I have a concussion. I'm going to the doctor in 3 hours. What will they do?

I'm not a doctor but I think you should get to hospital to be checked out *urgently*. Have someone take you there. They will want to run some tests I expect. You shouldn't be having symptoms like t... Read More »

How many hours does the average doctor work in the US?

It depends on their interest! The average doctor in the US works between 51 and 55 hours a day! :O

What do you need to become a doctor of education?

A student who wants to become a doctor of education must develop and demonstrate mastery of educational methodology through coursework and a scholarly dissertation.Doctor of EducationThe doctor of ... Read More »