How many hours is a flight from Boston to London?

Answer It takes just over 6.5 hours to fly from Boston to London if you're traveling 500 miles per hour, the average hourly speed for a commercial jet liner. To calculate your correct arrival time, be sur... Read More »

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How long is the flight from Boston to London?

Airline travel from Boston, Massachusetts to London, England, non-stop without any connections, will average six hours and 30 minutes. Flight times may be shorter in the winter months because of th... Read More »

How many hours is a flight from new york to london?

A non-stop flight from New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport to London's Heathrow Airport takes approximately seven hours. Several airlines fly this route, including British Airways, Delta and Am... Read More »

How many hours is a flight from toronto to london?

A nonstop flight from Toronto, Canada to London, England takes about seven hours. A flight from London to Toronto, however, takes slightly longer because the aircraft is heading into the jet stream... Read More »

Is there a train service you know of that goes from Boston to New London or New Haven CT?

The only trains that go Boston to New London and New Haven are Amtrak, but they run frequently. Regular Metro-North (the commuter rail from New York City) goes from NYC to New Haven. The Shore Line... Read More »