How many hours does an interventional radiologist work?

Answer Interventional radiologists saw an increase in work hours and salary as the number of procedures that they were able to perform increased with the refinement of radiological technology. As a result... Read More »

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How long does it take to become a diagnostic& interventional radiologist?

To become a diagnostic and vascular-interventional radiologist, a minimum of 14 years of training is typically necessary. Usually, radiologists first complete a four-year bachelor's degree followed... Read More »

How does interventional radiology work?

Interventional radiology evolved in the early 1960s from diagnostic angiography and the work of Dr. Charles Dotter, who prevented the amputation of an elderly woman's severely gangrenous foot by un... Read More »

How many hours does an RN work?

Registered nurses may work a standard 40-hour week if they work in a physician's office. These nurses usually work eight hours a day, five days a week. Registered nurses who work in hospitals or nu... Read More »

How many hours does an architect work?

Though most architects work 40 hours a week, about 1 in 5 work more than 50 hours for the same time period, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All architects must sometimes work nights an... Read More »