How many hours does a CIA Agent work per week?

Answer As many as is necessary to accomplish the mission.

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How many hours do you work a week being a CIA agent?

US bureaucracy has a paranoia about one person or group being in charge of more than one thing. So, all decisions and appointments must be approved by two or three different groups or individuals b... Read More »

How many hours a week does a CIA agent work?

How many hours a week do Ph.D. students work?

Ph.D. students have a great deal of flexibility in their schedules. As long as they are complete their required coursework and research, they can often set their own hours. Most full-time students ... Read More »

How many hours does a pediatrician work a week?

While each schedule is different, on average a pediatrician will work around 50 hours per week. A pediatrician typically has around 11 years of college and training, including four years of medical... Read More »