How many hours does a 8gb memory card hold?

Answer A headphone amplifier can be used with a hi-fi system although is not necessary. Most hi-fi systems have the ability to have headphones directly connected through a dedicated output socket. The hea... Read More »

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How many hours of video can a 2 gb memory card hold?

Around 1,000 but the quality plays a big part in it.

How many hours of video will a 4GB memory card hold?

I normal DVD is about 4.7Gb. As you know films vary in length.There isn't a straight forward answer to your question unfortunately because the length of the video will all depend on the quality of... Read More »

How many minutes and hours of video will a 2GB memory card hold?

It probably refers to an SLR style camera which can be purchased without a Lens as the lens are interchangeable.

How many pictures and how GB sd card hold and how many hours doe's a 16 GB sd card hold?

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