How many hours do laptop batteries last?

Answer Laptop batteries vary in how many hours they last, depending on the type of battery. Typically they last for 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. Battery life depends on the types of applications and how many per... Read More »

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How long do the Mini HP laptop batteries last?

In general, HP Mini laptop batteries can last anywhere from four to 11 hours, depending on the battery type and the computer's power consumption settings. A three-cell HP Mini laptop battery can la... Read More »

How long do Dell Inspiron laptop batteries last?

The length of a Dell Inspiron laptop's battery (and all laptop batteries) degrade over time with use. The more extensive of use, the faster the battery life goes. On average, the Inspiron's battery... Read More »

How Long Should Laptop Computer Batteries Last?

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How many watt hours are in 12 volt batteries?

A fully-charged 12 volt battery has 1,200 watt hours. This means that the battery has enough power to run an appliance that consumes 12 watts (or 1 ampere) for 100 hours before it becomes fully dis... Read More »