How many hours do hamsters sleep?

Answer Hamsters' sleep patterns vary, but they can sleep up to 14 hours a day. They are nocturnal mammals that sleep through most of the day and become active at night. Some hamsters wake briefly during ... Read More »

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How many hours do sleep in a day and When do u usually sleep/wake up?

Oh! Massy you're so Goody-Goody ;-)I usually sleep around 2 a.m and my wake up totally depends on the frequency of my mom's SCREAAAAAAMMM....Usually around 11 or 12:-D :-D

How many hours of sleep should a 12-year-old sleep?

Kids need more sleep, especially when they start maturing. I would 9 hours is good. Don't let them sleep too long, its also unhealthy.

How many hours do you sleep a day?

I was bitten by a strange looking bat and now I seem to only want to sleep during the day. I quit eating food and I dont seem to loose weight or gain weight and my skin seems a bit cold. I cut my s... Read More »

How many hours per day do you sleep ?

6 to 8 hours with little bits of napping while sitting...or so