How many hours do doctors work a week?

Answer There are several types of doctors and each type of doctor can have various hours. However, doctors on average, work at least 50 hours a week. The hours worked are usually long and irregular.Source... Read More »

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How many hours a week does a CIA agent work?

How many hours do you work a week being a CIA agent?

US bureaucracy has a paranoia about one person or group being in charge of more than one thing. So, all decisions and appointments must be approved by two or three different groups or individuals b... Read More »

How many hours can a 16-year-old work in a week?

Children age16 and older aren't limited as to how many hours they may work in a week, according to the regulations set by the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act. There are, however, certain tasks that e... Read More »

How many hours a week do teachers work?

Though hours vary from teacher to teacher because of class schedules and type of employment, teachers regularly work in excess of 40 hours per week. In 2008 there were 4.5 million teaching jobs in ... Read More »