How many hours do cats sleep a day?

Answer Cats are most active during the early morning and later in the evening, as this would be the normal time their prey was active. Virginia Wells of states that cats sleep anywhere from 1... Read More »

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How many hours do sleep in a day and When do u usually sleep/wake up?

Oh! Massy you're so Goody-Goody ;-)I usually sleep around 2 a.m and my wake up totally depends on the frequency of my mom's SCREAAAAAAMMM....Usually around 11 or 12:-D :-D

How many hours of sleep should a 12-year-old sleep?

Kids need more sleep, especially when they start maturing. I would 9 hours is good. Don't let them sleep too long, its also unhealthy.

How many hours do you sleep a day?

I was bitten by a strange looking bat and now I seem to only want to sleep during the day. I quit eating food and I dont seem to loose weight or gain weight and my skin seems a bit cold. I cut my s... Read More »

How many hours per day do you sleep ?

6 to 8 hours with little bits of napping while sitting...or so