How many hours can you record on a Sony magic memory stick?

Answer An average 2-hour movie would normally take around 700 megabytes of memory. so a 2GB memory stick would give you around 6 hours of videos. There you go .. do the math ..

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Is SONY Memory Stick Pro compatible with Memory Stick?

Devices that were originally intended for Sony Memory Stick will not be able to read Memory Stick PRO cards. That said, devices designed for use with Sony Memory Stick PRO are backwards compatible ... Read More »

How many pictures, on an average, can you take and store using a Sony 128 mb memory stick card?

1 MEG CAMERA - 32 MB CARD - 92 Pictures2 MEG CAMERA - 32 MB CARD - 34 Pictures3 MEG CAMERA - 32 MB CARD - 26 Pictures4 MEG CAMERA - 32 MB CARD - 16 Pictures5 MEG CAMERA - 32 MB CAR... Read More »

How to Copy Photos From the Internal Memory to a Memory Stick on a Sony W80?

The Sony W80 is a 7 megapixel digital camera with optical zoom. It has a built-in memory capacity of 31 MB and also supports an external memory card. Transferring files from your camera requires a ... Read More »

What Is a Magic Memory Stick?

If you're looking for extra storage on your digital camera or portable Playstation, then the Magic Memory Stick might be your answer. With the need for extra data storage on all kinds of electronic... Read More »