How many hours are in a college unit?

Answer A college unit refers to the credit you earn for completing a course, according to Santa Ana (Calif.) College. A unit translates into one hour of credit in the university semester system. A typical... Read More »

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How many hours are in a 3 credit college course?

For most college and universities, three credit hours of a college course equals between 37.5 and 40 actual hours spent in the classroom. This is based on a 15-week semester.References:Kennesaw St... Read More »

How many hours does a college sophomore have?

A college sophomore has completed 30 to 59 hours. A full-time student reaches sophomore status by his second year of college. To be considered full-time, a student must take at least 12 hours a sem... Read More »

How Many Hours Should College Students Study?

Just like putting aside time for homework in college, it is also important to put aside time for studying. A couple hours a day for homework can be broken up when study time is needed for a test. S... Read More »

How many hours are part time work hours in Arizona?

Neither Arizona nor the U.S. Department of Labor has an official definition of a part-time or full-time work week. Instead, the employer makes the distinction. In most cases, work weeks less than 3... Read More »