How many hours after getting your tooth filled can you eat?

Answer Silver filling, you can eat right away, composite (natural looking) same thing. Now if your face is numb be really careful not to chew anything other than your food! LOL

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If a second molar tooth has been pulled can it be possible that it will be filled with a new wisdom tooth that is slowly coming in and will it slowly fill the gap?

I had my molar pulled 10 - 15 years ago and my wisdom tooth did come down and fill in the space. It is slightly slanted but I have never had any problems with it. Answer It is possible for a wisdo... Read More »

My tooth that was filled hurts?

It probably is a cavity. You can still get cavities on teeth with fillings. Another filling could fix it. Or, since it's a baby tooth, they will probably pull it out instead of doing a root cana... Read More »

Does a cavity in a baby tooth need to be filled?

Has she been to the dentist because they will probably want to fill it....My 3-year-old had one and they said because his baby teeth won't fall out for another 2-3 years it's better to fill it....b... Read More »

I got a cavity filled five hours ago and my mouth is still really numb?

Depends on what type of anesthetic was used. There are some long acting anesthetics that can last 8-10 hours.If you are still numb in a few hours,call the service to let the doctor know you are sti... Read More »