How many hours a week do you use your computer.?

Answer i think my computer uses me, Bob and more hours than it should apparently. Cheers.

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How many hours a week do u spend on the computer?

well at night time it is from 11-1am most of the time but when i can not sleep it is from 11-whenever i get tired but during the daytime maybe an hour or so.

Is it unhealty to sit in front of a computer for ten hours a day for like a week?

HAHA! I've done it for the past 6 months, 12 hours a day.Dont worry, get your excersize from watching porn :)

How many hours of tv do you watch per week?

As much as I can. I cannot get enough. Records everything, spend more time making DVD copies than watching like a squirrel getting ready for the winter.I like: 24, 30 Days, The 4400, Battlestar Gal... Read More »

How many hours can a 16-year-old work in a week?

Children age16 and older aren't limited as to how many hours they may work in a week, according to the regulations set by the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act. There are, however, certain tasks that e... Read More »