How many hours a week do pediatricians work?

Answer The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that the average number of hours pediatricians work is different for male and female physicians. Male pediatricians work an average of 49.7 hours per week... Read More »

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How many hours do pediatricians work?

Many pediatricians working in clinics and private offices work 40 hours a week, primarily during regular business hours. Pediatricians employed in hospitals may work longer hours. Pediatricians may... Read More »

How many hours do veterinarians work a week?

Veterinarians who work in a private practice caring for small animals like cats and dogs largely set their own hours. Typically, they will work 40 hours or more per week. Veterinarians who work wit... Read More »

How many hours do doctors work a week?

There are several types of doctors and each type of doctor can have various hours. However, doctors on average, work at least 50 hours a week. The hours worked are usually long and irregular.Source... Read More »

How many hours do models work a week?

When you have shoots booked, you can estimate four to six hours for a half day shoot, or eight to 10 hours for a full day shoot. If you have a full week's worth of full day shoots, you can expect a... Read More »