How many hours a day should be spent studying for the math portion of the ged?

Answer On One Hand: Understanding Core ConceptsThe mathematics portion of the GED exam consists of 50 question, which are split into two different parts--25 questions each. The first set of 25 questions ... Read More »

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How Much Time Should Be Spent Studying Per Online Class?

Chemical testing in forensic science uses both the analyst's knowledge of chemistry and a variety of equipment to make determinations about anything from DNA evidence to arson.

How Many Hours Should I Study for the GRE?

Induction cooktops are a form of kitchen technology that allows a cook to prepare foods without the use of a standard electric hot coil or an open gas flame. Induction cooktops work by using a magn... Read More »

How many hours should I use a humidifier?

On One Hand: Moisture Is Good for the BodyThe humidity levels in your home should ideally be between 30 and 40 percent as measured by a hygrometer. According to a 1991 US Environmental Protection A... Read More »

How Many Hours Should a Person Sleep?

When adding new hardware to your computer, you must complement the hardware by adding an up-to-date hardware driver. If the hardware you are using, such as speakers, starts to malfunction after an ... Read More »