How many homes have been breached that had an alarm system?

Answer According to the FBI, one in 250 homes that have an alarm system are breached. This may be because the owner forgot to arm the system or because the burglar was able to disarm the system.Source:Cer... Read More »

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How long should records be kept on homes that have been sold?

According to the IRS, you should keep all records on a home you sold until after the tax year has completed. If you sell a home in 2010, keep your records until after you have finished your taxes i... Read More »

How do I Find Homes for People Who Have Been Evicted?

Evictions are a red flag to landlords and property managers. If you are trying to help an evicted tenant find new housing, both of you will have to deal with significant challenges. Finding underst... Read More »

Do you have to have a land line for an alarm system?

Today, many households do not have a land line; instead, cellular phones are the choice of communication. Home alarm systems are now made available without a land line hooked up using radio or web ... Read More »

Question about an Alarm system (BOSCH ICP-CC488): Basically every time the alarm is switched on or off it...?……