How many dimples are on a Titleist golf ball?

Answer The number of dimples on a Titleist golf ball ranges from 332--on the NXT, NXT Tour and Pro V1X series balls--to 392 on the Pro V1 and DT Solo - Products: Golf Balls

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If you were driving on a road that passes by a golf course and a golf ball smashed your windshield who is responsible?

Answer The person who hit the ball, and perhaps the course if they have not taken adequate precaution to prevent the ball from exiting their facilities onto a public road. Answer I disagree, whe... Read More »

How to Juggle a Golf Ball on a Golf Club?

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How to Handicap Golf Holes?

The purpose of the golf handicap system is to equalize the difficulty of a golf course for players of different skill and ability. Although the system is complex, it creates a fair comparison of pl... Read More »

Can I get a handicap in golf playing 9 holes?

You cannot acquire a handicap from playing just nine holes of golf when using the United States Golf Association regulations. According to, the USGA requires a minimum of five f... Read More »