How many holes in a polo game?

Answer Polo features no holes. Unlike croquet, another game using mallets, where players hit balls through hoops, or golf, where players hit balls into holes, polo players try to send their ball into the ... Read More »

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Do rats dig holes in soil What other small animals dig holes in soil?

Rats do it and its not the little ones, its the ones that look like big freakin cats! When the garbage man comes ask him for some poison and put it in the holes. Watch your car too, they chew on th... Read More »

Where can I find a polo ?

jcp is a good place good prices and very good qaulty

Who invented polo?

The inventor of polo--a popular ball sport played on horseback in 77 countries--is unknown. According to the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies, historians even debate the society it originated from... Read More »

Who is the Dra ana maria polo?

The judge of Caso Cerrado. Who takes care of your problems. Then, makes a decision if you won your case or not.