How many hits do you get in the game of pool?

Answer In eight-ball pool, the most widely played game of pool, a player continues to shoot as long as he pockets one or more balls in his target group (stripes or solids). If he fails or commits a foul, ... Read More »

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How many balls are on a pool table at the start of a game?

Different versions of pool begin with varying numbers of balls on the table. Eight Ball and Cutthroat use 16 balls, including the cue ball. Straight pool, or 14.1 Continuous, is played with 14 ball... Read More »

How many balls are used in a standard game of pool besides the cue ball?

Most pool games, such as eight-ball or straight pool, use 15 balls in addition to the cue ball. A standard game of nine-ball pool requires the use of nine balls in addition to the cue ball.Source:B... Read More »

How to Play the Ball Hits Cube Chrome Browser Game?

Ball Hits Cube is a free to download and play Chrome Browser Game at Chrome Web Store. Once you have downloaded it you can then play it without any Internet connection at all. This game is really s... Read More »

How many hits per day does google get?

LOADS! You can read a post on my blog which explains that if Google would change their background to black rather than white, we'd save loads of energy because it is accessed so frequently and crea... Read More »