How many high speed polishings are needed for a coat of floor wax?

Answer On One Hand: Four Coats of High Solids WaxFloor Cleaning Experts recommends using four coats of wax with a high solids content. This gives the floor depth and durability, and when buffed after ever... Read More »

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What router is needed for cable high-speed Internet?

Any router labeled as a broadband or cable router will work with cable high-speed Internet service. A router labeled for DSL and cable will work with both, and a router labeled as DSL will not work... Read More »

What size modem is needed for NetZero high-speed Internet?

NetZero high-speed service requires a minimum modem speed of 28.8k, but the company recommends a 56k modem for best results. It should be understood that the high-speed service works through softwa... Read More »

How many credits are needed to be a senior in high school?

The number of credits or units needed to be classified a senior depends on the state and whether the high school is public or private. Some private schools have the authority to set their own requi... Read More »

How many credits are needed to graduate from high school in Nevada?

The Nevada Department of Education requires students to have 22.5 credits to graduate from high school. The requirements include 15 mandatory credits in English, science, mathematics, computers, he... Read More »