How many herbs are there?

Answer The question can't be answered because the definition on what is herbs is fluently.Some trees can be both seen as a herb and as a tree, some flowers can also be herbs and some herbs are actually dr... Read More »

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Why are there white spots on your herbs?

I just finished washing the mealy bug larvae off of my bay leaf plant; It may bethat. All it takes is alcohol and a rag. The soooner you clean them off the better, ifthat's what it is.

What are the many kinds of herbs?

Any plant whose leaf is used to enhance cooking, either by flavor and/or aromatics, is considered an herb, whereas if any other part of the plant is used, such as the seeds, roots, bark, etc., then... Read More »

Are there any natural herbs that will help with depression?

hey there sweety I am so sorry about your dads illness, i lost my mum 8 weeks ago to terminal ms after suffering and battling for 14 years with her illness so i understand your grief and pain.You d... Read More »

How many times can you harvest indoor herbs?

Harvest indoor herbs shortly before they flower and continue to do so for the remainder of the plant's life cycle. Indoors, the life cycle of an annual can be several years, as opposed to one year ... Read More »