How many helicopters does the Air Force have?

Answer 99 Pavehawks 62 Twin Hueys 3 Iroquois

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Who uses helicopters?

The military, private owners, and that's about it

What were the first helicopters used in the US military?

sikorsky r-4 First mass produced us military helicopter (XR-4) initial flight - 14 Jan 1942

How do I fly electric RC helicopters?

Getting It flyingApply a small amount of throttle, just enough to get the helicopter a few inches off the ground. Watch the vehicle's behavior, then adjust the trim until it holds a balanced hover.... Read More »

How to Fly Small Toy Helicopters?

Radio-controlled helicopters are fun, affordable, and readily available at hobby stores. Gas and electric models are available in all sizes, although you'll want to learn to fly with one of the sma... Read More »