How many N-90 windmills can you fit on an acre?

Answer Wind turbines must be placed far enough apart to not steal wind from each other. Rows of turbines placed parallel to the wind are spaced about 4 blade diameters apart, while rows placed perpendicul... Read More »

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How many tomatoes can you grow in an acre?

Tomato yields in the United States range from nine to 40 tons of tomatoes per acre. On average, one acre can yield 25 tons. One acre supports 1,452 to 5,808 tomato plants depending on spacing of ro... Read More »

How many tons of wheat do you seed per acre?

Wheat seed varies greatly on the number of seeds per pound. For seed that has 10,000 seeds per pound, the recommended seeding rate is 131 pounds per acre. For seeds with 20,000 seeds per pound, the... Read More »

How many dwarf apple trees can you put on 1 acre?

One acre of land will support between 300 and 500 dwarf apple trees. They should be planted 8 feet apart and with 12 feet between rows of trees. Semi-dwarf trees need a bit more space; they should ... Read More »

How many earthworms are found in an acre of soil?

On average, one square foot of soil contains 25 earthworms. That would mean that there are around 1 million earthworms in one acre of land. Earthworms aid in soil aeration, water absorption and inc... Read More »