How many heartworm pills do you give a dog?

Answer On One Hand: Year-Round Prevention (12 Pills)Heartworm infection has been found in dogs in all 50 states, but is highly preventable with monthly medications that kill heartworm larvae before they b... Read More »

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Are heartworm pills bad for dogs?

On One Hand: Heartworm Medication Stops HeartwormsHeartworm has a slow, cumulative effect on your dog, slowly aging and killing her. Heartworm pills prevent the heartworm larvae from maturing and h... Read More »

Why do phentermine diet pills give me mood swings?

Phentermine is a powerful weight loss drug with many side effects, which is why it should not be taken without consulting a doctor. Phentermine is closely related to amphetamines and suppresses the... Read More »

Is it safe to give sexual enhancing pills to a diabetic person?

Only with the advice of the doctor. It depends partly on whether or not there are any complicating factors with the diabetes.

What happens if you take combined pills for the week when you should be taking your sugar pills?

its fine--you can choose when and if you want a period or not--the 3 week thing was just a pr choice when they created the pill--they wanted women to feel it was almost natural --and continued with... Read More »