How many candy hearts does necco make a year?

Answer NECCO, or the New England Confectionary Company, is the number one non-chocolate candy supplier for Valentine's Day. The NECCO candy store reports that it produces over eight billion candy conversa... Read More »

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How many meal worms can a nuthatch eat?

Licensed wildlife rehabilitation professionals feed rescued nuthatches a variety of foods, including gut-loaded mealworms. The number of mealworms a nuthatch eats depends on the age and what other ... Read More »

Does a giraffe have two hearts?

A giraffe only possesses a single heart. However, at an average weight of 25 lbs., the giraffe's heart is one of the largest in the animal kingdom. It also must pump blood powerfully enough to reac... Read More »

How many worms does a baby bird eat?

While not all types of birds eat worms, babies who do will eat 3-4 worms every hour throughout most of the day. The mother bird predigests one worm at a time and then feeds the softened protein to ... Read More »

How many meal worms can a bluebird eat at one time?

According to Julie Zickefoose of BirdWatcher', an adult bluebird can eat 10 mealworms at one feeding. One pair of bluebirds can consume up to 80 mealworms daily, if they are fed four tim... Read More »