How many antennae do earthworms have?

Answer Earthworms don't have any antennae. According to the University of Florida, earthworms lack any external protruding physical characteristics other than hair like setae, which are attached to the wo... Read More »

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How many young do earthworms have in a year?

Biology Junction explains that earthworm embryos grow inside cocoons. Adult earthworms can produce anywhere from only three to as many as 80 cocoons each year. Although each cocoon contains between... Read More »

How many species of earthworms are there?

There are three main types of earthworm: endogeic, anecic and epigeic. Endogeic worms live mainly underground in lateral burrows. Anecic worms live in verticle burrows, and occasionally will come u... Read More »

How many earthworms are found in an acre of soil?

On average, one square foot of soil contains 25 earthworms. That would mean that there are around 1 million earthworms in one acre of land. Earthworms aid in soil aeration, water absorption and inc... Read More »

How many different species of earthworms are there on Earth?

More than 7,000 species of earthworms exist, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The species belong to more than 700 different biological genera. As they tunnel through the gr... Read More »