How many heart beats a min for a five year old girl?

Answer Answer I'm concerned because you're basically asking if it's normal for a 12 year old to urinate every 30 minutes, but then you say you have "overactive bladder". Were you diagnosed with this probl... Read More »

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If a 14-year-old girl is pregnant and the baby is diagnosed with a hole in the heart should the girl have an abortion or give birth?

Answer Give birth, The hole can be repaired. My daughter (and millions like her) was born with a hole in her heart. She is 4 months old and is going through her surgery next month, she'll only be i... Read More »

I'm a 15 year year old girl. when ever i get nervous my heart starts beating like really fast, what to do?

It sounds like a mild anxiety. I suffer from it so badly my heart skips beats, so I understand how scary it can be. Normally walking away from a nervous situation, or sitting down and taking long... Read More »

How to cure a heart problem called ectopic heart beats?

Hi David,I have had ectopic heart bears for over 20 years. I know that they are most disconcerting. As long as you have seen a doctor about these, and have had the beats diagnosed as benign, there ... Read More »

What is the disease called when your heart has uneven heart beats?

Its called arrhythmia....Here……