How many hd channels does time warner cable offer?

Answer Time Warner Cable claimed in a press release made in February 2010 "customers ... have access to over 120 HD channels" in their digital lineup in the New York City metro area. The exact number of a... Read More »

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Where can you find a conversaion chart of Time Warner cable channels and direct tv channels?

Time Warner cable getting rid of channels?

yeah I'm a little ticked off as's an article they just posted on the Yahoo front page:…Hope that helps!EDIT:Well, obviously since it is passed J... Read More »

Time warner is taking all the good channels!!!?

I am sorry, but didn't you read the black line?Its Viacom wanting more money

Has anyone called and gotten through the number about Time Warner losing channels?

yes i got through....this is what i posted on another "yahoo answer" I know that they are busy at Brighthouse.I was just on hold for 34 min. waiting to talk to a customer service rep. When the rep ... Read More »