How many harddrives can you hook up in a computer ?

Answer You don't want to overload it. The more harddrives...the slower it will be. The more you have, the more the "search" you have to do.

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How to combine 2 harddrives?

here you go… p,s Anthony doesn't know about raid

Which brand makes the best harddrives?

What do you mean by best?? Speed, Loudness, Price, Reliability, price-performance ratio?What size? SATA or IDE?You got to be more specific. But here is an excellent website, that has a chart compar... Read More »

Why are external harddrives of much storage not going down in price?

Really? I just bought a 4TB for $130. It was on sale in Costco. It depends on what company makes it, some companies are like "We're not going to lower prices, because people are still going to buy ... Read More »

How to I wipe my harddrives and set them back up to work?

system restorefirst RIGHT click on my computerchoose propertiesthen on system restore MAKE SURE (system restore is checked)you can also delete last restorejust click undo last restoration when you ... Read More »