How many hard drives can i put in a compaq sr1130nx?

Answer The Compaq Presario model SR1130NX Desktop PC can contain a maximum of two internal hard drives, according to the Hewlett Packard manufacturing specifications. It can also support external hard dri... Read More »

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How do i add hard drives to compaq presario?

Remove the CaseDisconnect all the cables and peripherals from your Compaq Presario and set the computer on its left side. Remove the screws that secure the side of the computer and pull the side pa... Read More »

How many primary drives can be on one hard drive?

A primary drive is the main hard drive currently in use on a computer. As such, there can only be one primary drive at any given time. You can format a hard drive into up to four primary partitio... Read More »

How many gigabytes do hard drives come in?

Hard drives come in a wide variety of sizes ranging anywhere from 1 GB all the way up to 3,000 GB (3 terabytes). As of 2010, the popular sizes found in many home computers are 640 GB and 1,000 GB (... Read More »

How many drives can i make i one hard disk?

You're only limited by the letters of the alphabet and the individual sizes of the separate partitions on the single hard drive. Too small in size and it's useless for anything. Typically though,... Read More »