How many halogens are on the periodic table?

Answer There are five halogens on the periodic table of elements. They are chlorine, fluorine, iodine, astatine and bromine. At room temperature, iodine and astatine are solids, bromine is a liquid and ch... Read More »

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Where are halogens found in the periodic table?

The halogens can be found in group 17 of the periodic table. They are five nonmetal elements that are the basis for salt compounds and are fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine.Source:Al... Read More »

What is Ce on the periodic table?

Ce stands for cerium on the periodic table and has the atomic number 58. Cerium is an abundant earth metal and is one of the most reactive metals. It is silvery white and can polish glass surfaces.... Read More »

What is Rb on the periodic table?

On the periodic table, Rb stands for Rubidium. Rubidium's atomic number is 37, putting it in the alkaline metals groups. Rubidium is a silverish, soft metal that ignites when it comes in contact wi... Read More »

Who came up with the periodic table?

Dimitri Mendeleev, a Russian Chemist, came up with the first periodic table. He put the elements in order according to their atomic weight, beginning with the lightest, and grouped elements with si... Read More »