I want a hair transplant but the only viable donor hairs I have left are my Pubic Hairs.?

Answer bad move your nose will keep having erections when you get excited

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How many days do sperm have to be in your body to be pregnant?

Answersperm dies after 48 hour inside the pregnancy could happen anytime before that.Sperms have been known to survive up to 5 days inside.

Do you know how many hairs there are on your head ?

they say average adult there's 30,000 think ive 10 left.!

Have you any hairs on your belly?

Do you have tattooes and body piercings How many Where Why do you have them.?

i have 4 tats, one on my arm, foot, ankle, and back of shoulder, and for peircings i have my ears done up quite a bit, nose, and nips and i use to have ym eyebrow and belly button done. why? becau... Read More »