I want a hair transplant but the only viable donor hairs I have left are my Pubic Hairs.?

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How to Wax Ear Hairs?

Waxing your ear hairs is generally not recommended, since wax can drip into the ear canal and cause hearing damage, and the skin on the outer edge of your ear can be extremely sensitive to heat. If... Read More »

How to Wax Nose Hairs?

Using wax to remove nose hairs is fairly uncommon, since many people achieve better results from electric nose hair trimmers and tweezers. In addition, using wax to remove nose hairs may be dangero... Read More »

How can we be count our hairs?

How to Fix Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs occur when a lengthy hair grows out of a single pore and then turns around and buries itself in the same or another nearby pore. Ingrown hairs can be unsightly, trigger infection and ... Read More »