Is there an easy way to trim long nose hairs I'm tired of people thinking I have a moustache.?

Answer I just reach up in there and yank those suckers out with my fingers. And sometimes, I get boogers attached, for snacking!

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How many hairs are in an average human's scalp?

The average human scalp has 100,000 individual hairs. Hair density across the scalp is to some degree affected by hair color. Those with lighter hair colors, such as blondes and redheads, tradition... Read More »

Why do people have gray hairs?

Gray hair is the absence of melanin in hair. Hair follicle cells normally produce melanin, a brown to black pigment, and deposit it in the hair shaft. When hair follicle cells no longer make melani... Read More »

Why do some people split hairs insisting that we all have to have straight hair to be accepted and not to....?

Good question and I liked the reference to the N.O.R.M.. The cat in a tin foil hat might consider getting employed there. On the other hand, I really believe that if you worked for the N.O.R.M. all... Read More »

My nose hairs have grown down to my chin, what should I do Braid them, or put them in a mullet?