Im 13 and i have slept with 14 guys?

Answer WTF, your like a walking STD, arn't you?

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Is it slutty to be nineteen and have slept with 5 or 6 guys?

Kaylana speaking::Yes - but would it be slutty for a guy who is 18 and has slept with over 14 girls in the last two months? No. It wouldn't. Crazy huh? Girls can't get away with it - but guys can?

I am 21 years old and I have slept with approximately 65 guys. is this way to much?

Not bizzare, but more than usual.Sounds like you've been having a ball. If you were a man,you'd be a legend, but because you're a woman, you're a slut.Most will say it's way too much and you should... Read More »

How to Remove Soft Contact Lenses After You Have Slept With Them?

Contact lenses are a type of lens for your eye that is similar to glasses but they are placed on your eyes balls. Many people wear contact lenses to correct their vision. Reasons for choosing conta... Read More »

I have slept behind my girlfriends back with someone and there haveing a baby what should i do?