When was"In God We Trust"moved to the edge of the quarter?

Answer "In God We Trust" has been on the U.S. quarter dollar since 1838; it has been in various places on different designs through the years. Its most recent move to the edge of the quarter was in 1973.... Read More »

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How many grooves are on a typical 45 rpm record?

Because they are smaller discs, 45 rpm records typically only hold one song per side. The spiral engraved into the surface of the record gives vibrations in certain tones when played with a phonogr... Read More »

Printing Duplex Binding - Long Edge / Short Edge?

When Duplex printing, you can choose which way you would like your print to appear on each side of the paper using the Short Edge and Long Edge features. The edge refers to where the next page foll... Read More »

I am confused - 3G and EDGE: What is the difference and can I use EDGE in Australia?

EDGE is an improved version of 3G, faster upload/download speed of data. You shld ask the service provider if there r higher charges for EDGE service.

How many minutes are in an NFL quarter?

A National Football League game consists of four quarters, with each quarter lasting 15 minutes. In the event a contest is tied at the end of regulation, the teams will play an overtime period that... Read More »